Our eco° ind division focuses on heavy industries manufacturing, construction, production of raw material resources processing and medicine manufacturing. Explore to learn more


Our eco° ind division operational covers multi-countries through network of local partners and regional offices. We offer products and services in construction, chemical processing and medicinal processing


Our eco° ind delivers landmark projects within MENA (Middle East and North Africa)  with special focus in the construction of infrastructure and social and commercial development within the region

Our eco° build subsidiary focuses on delivering high engineering build and construction materials and solutions, supporting our partners worldwide in key projects

Our eco° chem subsidiary specialises in the processing and manufacturing and distributing of daily chemical products and solutions

Our eco° mech subsidiary delivers mechanical machineries for commercial and industrial applications such as construction, agriculture, mining and more

Our eco° steel subsidiary specialises in worldwide mass distribution of steel materials for commercial and industrial applications

Our eco° gold subsidiary specialises in precious metal engineering, suitable for professional and commercial applications